SCCOGOP Women’s Ministries – Ladies Retreat

Withholding Nothing - “Living Surrendered”

April Event Canceled

A Note From Our Director

I hope in light of all that is happening that you are safe and leaning on the everlasting arm of our Savior and Christ.  He is the only One that will be able to sustain us during this time that is so surreal and overwhelming.  Please be reassured that this situation did not take our Master and Sovereign God by surprise, and He is completely in charge, AND He will take care of us.  We have a promised home that is free of diseases, anxieties, and troubles.  Now is the time to be very sure that our anchor holds and grips the Solid Rock. In my heart and mind, I was praying and hoping that we could still get together and lift our voices in praise, united before our King and give a blow to the evil one; however, this virus is unrelenting, and I/we must be obedient to the warnings.

The city of Greenville has canceled all events and prohibits any gathering above 50 people until May 10th. We will not postpone this event - but CANCEL it. We have a second Ladies Retreat scheduled for October 2-4th in Myrtle Beach, please plan to attend.  As of right now, there is a "suggestion" that this crisis may extend until August.  I will plan a Ladies Day in Greenville if the opportunity presents itself.  

Please continue to PRAY.  THE ONLY WEAPON that we know that will stop this virus is Prayer.  When God's people stand united, focused, and charged - GREAT and MIGHTY things happen.  Now is not the time to retreat or show fear.  

I know God has something great planned for us in October.  Please know that you hold a very special place in my heart.



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