Andy Kinder


Meet The School Administrator.

Andy Kinder is the pastor of the Seneca Church of God of Prophecy and he has recently been appointed Leadership Development Director in SC. He has served as the School Administrator since the creation of the Palmetto Leadership Academy. He has served the Church of God of Prophecy as a licensed minister for over a decade and has an undergraduate and graduate degrees, respectively at Columbia International University and Liberty Theological Seminary.  As a life long learner, he uses ministry and leadership principles to guide others to a closer and deeper walk with the Lord. He has a passion to see every believer become equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to deepen their ministry. He has a strong belief in scholarship with Spirit and that is reflective in his teaching and leadership style. He is married to Ashley and they have two daughters, Nora Grace and Charlotte Noelle. They currently reside in Seneca, SC. He is looking forward to what God will do in this online school and he is here to serve you. Click Here to contact Pastor Andy about the Academy.

Why Should You Get Involved With The Palmetto Leadership Academy?

Equipping leaders is vital for any church or organization to continue to grow and thrive. When the state launched the Palmetto Mission Initiative 6 years ago, the vision was to provide leadership development, practical training and resources for churches, pastors, ministers and leaders. That was followed up by a plan for implementing continuing education across the SC COGOP. There has been exceptional participation and we recommend this pursuit to every leader, whether seasoned or emerging. Personal and spiritual growth come at a price. Advancement comes from a commitment to leadership development and it is well worth the cost. It takes our time, faithfullness and financial commitment but Individuals who invest in their ministry receive spiritual and practical benefits. Preparation yields greater fruitfulness and sowing into one's life and ministry bring harvest. The problem is we all have family, work and ministry responsibilities that make it difficult to take in all the "live" training and growth opportunites that are presented. Since the beginning of LDD on a state level, the vision was to see resources more available to our people. Moving forward, technology will be one of many ways that will aid us in making leadership classes and resources available to our leaders. The Palmetto Leadership Academy is a great resource for anyone wanting to upgrade their ministry. This online school offers training and resources with great flexibility. Think about it... you can join others in an interactive, online classroom. There you will be able to pursue biblical and practical training that will take your ministry forward. These online classes will not replace live training events but they will certainly be a great addition to the resources provided by the LDD here in South Carolina. I am excited about your future as you move your ministry forward as a participant in the Palmetto Leadership Academy. I encourage you to register for the latest class offerings. If you have any questions about this or any leadership development opportunity, please contact me.