The Grindstone



Being a great leader takes work! Doing what is right and improving as a leader can be a grind. It is not always easy, but faithful, follow through brings about fruitfulness. John Maxwell's, "It's the Grind that Gets 'Em," shares insight on how the grind of ministry can wear you down or polish you. The choice is ours. It is not what happens to us but it is our response that determines the outcome. Some people have a sour disposition on life and others can make lemonade out of lemons. What will your response be when you face difficulty? This online class will help season our perspective in difficult times, and our choice to have a good attitude, regardless of the circumstances. Get ready to be polished on "The Grindstone".

This online class will be composed of listening to a 1-hour lecture and then the student will have an assignment and short quiz. This class will be facilitated by Pastor Andy Kinder, School Administrator. Earn 2 Continuing Education Credits with completion of this class. 

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