Empowered by the Holy Spirit, South Carolina Ministries will be a visible

expression of the heart of God, reflecting:

His priority of Prayer

His passion for the Harvest

His plan for Stewardship

His pattern for Developing Leaders


you can watch videos about our core values by clicking on the logos

  • We are the people of God, with Houses of Prayer always engaged in touching heaven for the Divine provision to carry out the Kingdom mandate on earth. Without Prayer, there is a weakened connection to heaven. Without a strong connection to heaven, there is little flow of Divine provision. Without flowing Divine provision, there is little empowerment to achieve the mandate “Men ought always to pray!” Click here to submit a prayer request.

  • There is an urgency to reach out to people. We do not see age, race or culture, only people who need the Lord. We understand the importance of building ministries to children and youth so that our churches will continue to grow and prosper. We seek to create a healthy environment where all people will know and experience the presence of God; where they will be empowered and released to do the work of the ministry. We strive to be a Church that fulfills God’s commission on earth. 

  • We are a Church that understands and practices the importance of Stewardship. God has set a pattern in His Word for us to follow. Everything we have comes from Him, and He has entrusted us to be good stewards. One tenth of our increase is His. Tithing and giving is an act of worship, and we cannot worship without giving! God’s Word says “prove me!” Stewardship is not about money, it is about the heart, and we are a Church with a heart unto God.

  • Leadership development

    We will equip and develop the believer to mature, to serve, to disciple, to minister to others, and to prepare for Christ’s return. We are Pastor Passionate!

    We are Minister Equipping! We are Leadership Developing! We are Disciple Producing! We are a Spiritually Gifted Church, clear about Leadership Structure.

  • We show love best to God, by servicing each other. We are worshipers of God and Lovers of people. We believe that God is worthy of our most passionate praise, adoration, thanksgiving and worship. We seek loving relationships with all people. We celebrate, fellowship with, extend warm expressions, and provide support and acceptance to all people.